Our Story

As product based entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of custom, reliable fulfillment.

In the early stages of my first business, The Card Bureau, I faced a common challenge for creative entrepreneurs: I was so tied up filling orders that I couldn't focus on new products and growth.

Order fulfillment was taking over my life and my apartment. I felt stuck. I was too busy working in my business instead of on it.

I decided I had to outsource order fulfillment so I could focus on growth, but I struggled to find the right partner who could meet the needs of a growing business.

Ultimately, I resolved to build my own fulfillment operation with a dedicated team, a warehouse, software, and equipment.

Scaling fulfillment was tough but rewarding. My team handled logistics, freeing me to concentrate on product creation, marketing, and sales.

As others noticed our success, I started partnering with clients that found us through word-of-mouth. We acted as an extension of their team to handle fulfillment, so they could focus on growing their brand.

In 2023, I decided to spin off the fulfillment business from The Card Bureau and launched Shipfluence.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service to creative partners, enabling them to unlock their full business potential.

Janie is a serial entrepreneur with two successful stationery and gift brands under her belt- The Card Bureau and Toka. She has almost a decade of small business and fulfillment experience. Prior to becoming a business owner, Janie worked as a political journalist in DC. Originally from Albania, Janie immigrated to the US at age 5 and grew up in Michigan. She attended the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). Outside of work, Janie enjoys true crime podcasts, watching the latest bad Netflix series, and eating out with her dinner group, 'Dames Who Dine'. Janie is a new mom and enjoying everything that comes along with that (except the lack of sleep).